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What is Master Tapping

Master Tapping is a diagnosis and healing technique with foundations reaching into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other modalities. A Master Tapping session provides a deep and comprehensive answer to why we experience the emotional or physical pain that we encounter in our lives.


Similar to EFT, Master Tapping uses gentle finger tapping on key meridian points to activate brain response and reduce pain.  Events perceived by our brain are “lowered” to the body which stores this information as subconscious memory; days, weeks or years later, those memories show up in our lives as pain or disease.   


Through the Master Tapping treatment protocol, we bring unconscious thoughts and feelings up to the conscious level.  We become aware of our emotional biography from a very early age.


Simply by becoming aware of the issues, bringing them up to consciousness and releasing them through tapping, we release the emotional load and usher in peace, awareness and healing.


The Master Tapping diagnosis is done using a dowsing tool called a Biotensor to identify the correct answers to questions and acts as a receiver and transmitter from your higher guidance.

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