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My experience with Shir has been nothing short of enlightening. The work we did in just two, hour-long sessions was equivalent to the work I've done in years of regular therapy. It has helped me uncover deeply buried trauma in order to heal in a quick, yet organic way. Between the guided sessions, Shir has taught me to use the technique at home to help with daily stress and anxiety. I am so grateful to have been introduced to this therapy because it has given me the opportunity to heal in a new, truthful and thorough way. ~~ Jessica


Shir is an amazing Master Tapper. She is very thorough, kind and patient throughout her treatments. You will feel a renewed sense of peace, love and forgiveness in your soul with every treatment!  ~~ Veronica 


I had the opportunity to experience what Tapping can do for my mind and body.  I don't completely understand the total connection of the body and mind but I can tell you it was a very eye-opening experience.  It actually brought out my deepest and I do mean way down deep mental issue which I thought I had already came to terms with what had happened in the past.  I never knew how it affected my body until I had that tapping session with you.  I finally got to experience the absence of the pain in my body that I had been dealing with for the last 7 years.  I am forever grateful to you and your talents. ~~ Margarett



“I have to say just one session with Shir made me find inner peace and acceptance. Can’t wait for my second session. ~~ Reina


“Thank you! I am so incredibly thrilled to have you helping me finally let go of all the childhood and failed relationship baggage I’ve been unpacking for the last 15 years.

There are just aren’t words to express how grateful I am to you. ~~ Sandra

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